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    • What happens when I make a reservation?
Once your ended reservation, all the concerning details are sent to our e_mail, we shall take the necessary arrangement according to those informations.
We cannot be responsable for errors of service when wrong information was supplied during the booking. it falls to you to verify all the good details of the booking before your departure and to inform us as soon as possible if errors were committed.
    • Do the children matter as full passengers?

 With Transfers Airport Tunisia, The babies between 0 and 2 years are not considered as being passengers. We are capable of supplying car seats and/or booster seats for babies in most of the destinations. However, Please ask for it during the booking. ;howeverit is recommended to the parents to take their own car seat for bigger safety and an optimal comfort. The parents are in charge of fixing the seat.

    • How many luggage can we take?

  In all the vehicles, every person can transport a suitcase of standard size and a little cumbersome hand luggage. If you travel with surpluses of luggage as big suitcases, golf clubs, a wheelchair, skis, strollers, etc., you necessarily have to warn us during the booking because supplements can apply. in opposite occur, an additional vehicle can be necessary for the surplus of luggage and expenses can apply.

    • Should i give a tip to the driver?

  The paid pricedoes not include tips. It is possible to give a tip if you think that the supplied service deserves it, but it is left for your entire discretion.

    • What happens if the details of my journey change before my departure, either the case of cancellation of journey?

  In the case of change of details, call up on:000000000 or send us an e-mail to the following address aaaaaa@aa.fr with the necessary information. We shall modify your booking as a consequence. If the new booking involves a bigger distance to be traveled,:more important travel time, another type of vehicle, hotel, more passengers, etc., you will have to pay the price difference. In the case of cancellation of reservation, no penalties can be sent, the case or we inform before 48 hours at least about your transfer by a phone call on the same number, or an e-mail on the same address,


    • What happens if my flight(theft) to go is delayed?

  TAT-transfer airport Tunisia's team always verifies the arrival times of the flights,if we have the good flight number. We shall get organized to come to look for you at the time of effective arrival,


    • What is the policy concerning to bacco?

  All the vehicles of TAT - Transfer airport Tunisia are no-smoking.

    • How to proceed if I move in wheelchair?

  If you move in wheelchair, if it is flexible or not, it is advisable to specify it to us before reserving - call 0000000000, to verify if we can supply you an appropriate vehicle. If you do not warn us, an additional vehicle can turn out to be necessary to transport the armchair and it can engender additional costs.

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